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Where we look affects how we feel....


Brainspotting is a mind-body approach guided by neuroscience which utilizes points in the client's visual field to access and heal unprocessed emotions, pain and trauma. Each brainspot can be thought of as a doorway into the subcortical brain, facilitating the healing of trauma and emotional wounds which have been stored deep in the brain.  Because brainspotting bypasses the neocortex, or thinking part of the brain, clients are often able to work through issues that they have been unable to access or resolve with traditional talk therapy.  Brainspotting can be used in the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD and chronic pain, among other conditions. Brainspotting is considered a trauma-specific therapy. A major advantage of brainspotting is that it does not necessarily require the client to verbalize or retell the trauma in order to heal it. Brainspotting is a powerful therapy which recognizes the body's innate intelligence and capacity to heal. 



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