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Individual Treatment

Meditating on Bed

Individual Ketamine Therapy

Our clinic is dedicated to thoroughly screening and preparing patients for treatment. With our holistic ketamine protocol, the initial appointment for new patients includes a comprehensive functional medicine intake. This appointment is an opportunity to identify physiological factors that may be aggravating mental health, discuss lifestyle changes to help improve mood and well-being, and optimize overall health.

Individual Ketamine Therapy Options

IV Ketamine Treatment Series Includes:​

  • All medical screening and appointments

  • 6 IV ketamine treatments accompanied by a trained facilitator

  • Emotional check-in with medical provider after each IV treatment

  • Integration appointments between IV sessions with one of our physicians 

  • Medical evaluation after the completion of treatment series

Holistic Intramuscular Ketamine Protocol Includes:

  • Functional medicine intake

  • Series of 4 intramuscular ketamine treatments

  • 4 integration appointments with one of our physicians 

  • 3 month complementary Direct Primary Care (DPC) Pro membership at New Wave Medicine

  • 3 emotional release body work sessions​

After completion of the holistic intramuscular ketamine protocol or the IV ketamine treatment series, patients are eligible for group treatment, as well as single sessions, as needed for maintenance. 



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